Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for October 17, 2020


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  1. Spitsy screenshot
    SpitsyTheDoge  about 1 month ago

    when two people say first: hes too dangerous to be left alive

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  2. Missing large
    sanjanvgr  about 1 month ago

    Wait. Does that mean he is in his 30s or 40s and still in his mothers basement?? I thought he was just a really obese person in his 20s.

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  3. Missing large
    Sci-Fi Fanatic207  about 1 month ago

    For those who haven’t checked, the Big Nate TV series will be CG animated. And Nate’s eyes are different.

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  4. 1b021829 c1db 4a6a 8bd0 299101a7d7da
    ChadToTheBone  about 1 month ago

    Maybe the twenties is where he got the bandaid. Maybe… something dark happened…

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  5. 6d2a0869 0b6f 4709 a3a8 a655761ef54b
    TheAmazingCrafter  about 1 month ago

    So SPG got the humiliation of the “freshman 15” in his twenties.

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  6. Aoh14ggbxnhciah8vhsrbg00hgzawvzpojiioknci6xs
    TheJustinator  about 1 month ago

    Sigh… it’s my birthday today.

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  7. Photo
    rey mondia  about 1 month ago

    So Nate’s not the only one who has a bad photo.

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  8. Big nate 2
    Natetheamazing  about 1 month ago

    : )

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  9. Cooool
    Tyreek Hill  about 1 month ago

    john cena

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  10. 51asyfn7pal. ac sx466
    [Black Sparrow]  about 1 month ago

    He’lo and Good Morning. I have a question for you all. Who misses Lincoln commented with us on his comics? I do, I want to tell him how much of a great author he is.

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  11. Bmo
    Piggeni The Poltergeist  about 1 month ago

    “Oh no! Someone’s spamming on the comments section! I’m going to reply them to stop, yet that’s exactly the reaction they want!”

    If any of you guys are doing this, stop being so idiotic and grow up. It isn’t the end of the world.

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  12. D0c678a4 d897 4e39 b374 d1afeefb8779
    Cool kid  about 1 month ago

    Ah poop here we go again

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  13. Koala
    orbenjawell  about 1 month ago

    ….or the rest of the stuff, either….but we love him anyway…….

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  14. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  about 1 month ago

    I never noticed that his glasses are square instead of round…

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  15. Download  2
    KingBluesnarf  about 1 month ago


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  16. Rainbow nate
    Swayamplays  about 1 month ago


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  17. Download  1
    Myshgirl  about 1 month ago

    I really love Big Nate books and comics! Do you guys like it?

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  18. Large unnamed
    MiaCortesEstrada  about 1 month ago

    I agree for not banning anyone because the comics would be diffrent and weird

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  19. 37f8fa71 cc3f 4894 87ab b887f44ac827
    Dumb Smarto says Happy Thanksgiving!  about 1 month ago

    Carpal-tunnel AGAIN. My doctor is really mad at you, skwidwurd and BigNatefan1335.

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  20. Aoh14gia1tuqo1pm0niezvoveaibwhgixqa huk1xsxiiw=s96 c
    2026MarccoAustin  about 1 month ago

    Ok so this comment might get flagged but sqwidwurd.I can eat alhabet soup and shit out a better comeback than you.

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  21. A9277f6d4d8815889392924292e9172f
    The real Garfield  about 1 month ago

    Poll: who likes polls? (Not me!!)

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  22. Ad98d015 064e 4f4f 893a 1f47fa0d22a2
    Martin Wright  about 1 month ago

    I thought he was in his twenties

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  23. Hzmy05izlfo51
    Baby crewmate   about 1 month ago

    What happened to my comment?

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