Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for June 29, 2020


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  1. Missing large
    305buckets  7 months ago

    Looks like Nate is on his own for this one.

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  2. Screenshot 20200815 145357
    Pucky  7 months ago

    I remember when Nate, Francis and Teddy tried to make a movie themselves.

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  3. Clarencecnpic1
    Clarence  7 months ago

    Finally it’s summer

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  4. Nd
    Ned Dickens  7 months ago

    Not according to Finn and Jake. It’s ADVENTURE TIME!!

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  5. Carmen sandiego3 1546642306
    Carmen Sandiego :)  7 months ago

    Remember when Nate wanted his grandparents to buy a lake house?

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  6. Blitxzerpfp
    ApacheBeamix  7 months ago

    Looks like Nate’s alone. Unless Teddy or somebody else wants to join.

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  7. Fire
    (/OwO)/  7 months ago

    Nice, early for the first time

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  8. 61d390a0 2775 4df5 b541 a90ff5245efb
    Someone’s GameCube  7 months ago

    I must admit, it seems like Chad is almost always a tool rather than a character. He’s just a vessel for the joke.

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  9. Xiaofei ye ori
    Valence (UwU) ✔️   7 months ago

    Ay! That’s the lake house Nate was jealous about a few years ago!

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  10. Tmp 1595664922069
    Thunder Titans  7 months ago

    How to change your name

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  11. Capture
    Siphiroth  7 months ago

    Lincoln Peirce should introduce a new thing about Nate that basically annoys everyone.

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  12. Picture
    hasani roberts  7 months ago

    wonder if big nate would have a official crossover with diary of a wimpy kid. how would that work out?

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  13. Missing large
    jpayne4040  7 months ago

    Nate may be having this adventure by himself!

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  14. Cbba29af 1a9b 4f8d 9072 353924fa77e5
    Markov Da Robot  7 months ago

    You know, I’ve always wanted to learn more about Francis’s grandparents and their lake house.

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  15. 810eifgnxel. ac sx430  1
    PinkYoshiFan  7 months ago

    I think actual adventures take multiple days……. not gonna work for kids

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  16. Images
    Space_Owl on GoComics  7 months ago

    Good morning, afternoon, evening, night readers! Bye Francis. I won’t miss you.

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  17. 513ef216 da63 4d7d 8ee9 c6d9c689e9e7
    XM_Cookie  7 months ago

    Good morning everyone, Nate is so lonely he likes baloney.

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  18. Screen shot 2020 01 12 at 2.49.22 pm
    Jovvie5  7 months ago

    I get not many people will see this, but I wanted to make an anouncment. Recently, a user named “CoachJohhSays” was posting lots of polls. Some of these polls were completely irrelevant. Many people were saying to help stop this user from getting featured, we had to ignore him/her. Although he/she is still posting, I have noticed a considerable amount of decrease in popularity. We are doing the right thing, so keep it up.

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  19. Missing large
    Ken Otwell  7 months ago

    Come on – going to a lake house? That IS an adventure!

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  20. 447ef8c2 e8df 4f21 9aca dd219c62c62b
    TeenyTiny  7 months ago

    It must be really hard on Nate for Francis to cancel an adventure to go his grandparent’s lake house. Mostly because Nate’s grandparents don’t have one.

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  21. Nateavatar
    BiggerNate91  7 months ago

    Whatever happened to Big Nate’s heyday?

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  22. 1c1a7c06 dc80 4810 a78d dba86d3187db
    Oof.  7 months ago


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  23. Large 8grzv308vv651
    leulfn on yt   7 months ago

    wow, delayed adventure

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  24. Koala
    orbenjawell  7 months ago

    For instance, Nate, you could actually pick up a girlfriend this summer……THAT would be “an adventure” of Indiana Jones proportions…….

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  25. Unnamed
    The Grim reaper  7 months ago

    Remember to flag big nate is weird for spamming.

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  26. Unnamed
    The Grim reaper  7 months ago

    Also great job guys! There are alot less comments on polls today! Great job and keep it up.

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  27. Photo
    valv  7 months ago

    he should have said “its adventure time”

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  28. Aoh14ghhzfwxzn0yqh 3fwhgtenvk8py79i93fsvuujo
    Cool-weirdvlogz  7 months ago


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  29. Usagi sidebar top
    Teto85 Premium Member 7 months ago

    Chad would be an oboist. An ill woodwind that nobody blows good.

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  30. Screen shot 2020 06 08 at 4.58.09 pm
    ✨♕EmperorFTW ɎT!♕✨  7 months ago


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  31. Rainbow nate
    Swayamplays  7 months ago

    Ok yeah I jinxed it lol. Today’s featured comment isn’t related to the strip.

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  32. Xiaofei ye ori
    Valence (UwU) ✔️   7 months ago

    The featured comment was good until someone messed it up.

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  33. 23ymnj72ns
    mcraftisawesome  7 months ago


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  34. Screen shot 2020 05 10 at 2.18.23 pm
    Granny Molly  7 months ago

    My son Jimmy dropped out of high school because he wanted to play Fortnite. Today I will be suing Epic Games for making my son drop out of high school. These gizmo gadgets you kids are on are very annoying! Back in my day, we had no Fortnite!

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  35. Sketch 1587014264226
    /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\ but my avatar got smooshed  7 months ago

    Make movies about… Make movies about… Can anyone name a movie that has a super crazy adventure? Only thing I can think of is Percy Jackson…

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  36. Ba374b91 7530 46a0 a1b8 c9911828fc95
    26LeMahieu  7 months ago

    Oh no. Someone actually has an account named (Insert Bad Username Here) That is NOT me. I am 26LeMaheiu. For those who did not know, 1-2 years ago, I had an account named “(Insert Bad Username Here)” Someone with that same name liked my comment. Idk if it’s copying my username or just a common funny one (probably #2) but that isn’t me.

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  37. 2dbd4124 75aa 4824 a0f2 91ad19ecaa41
    Curious George for Roblox (WuW)   7 months ago

    I am featured comment yes grammar

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  38. Aoh14giicwu5ktxphqlnyuacb3vloymded0czmz pyzfvw
    InfamousGaming.  7 months ago

    Imagine if Nate’s whole life is a lie and he was actually in a coma for 29 years. (pls no bully me for saying this)

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  39. Large 33f13f8f 3f3a 4473 9976 4c866dc7dc42
    ComicLaugher  7 months ago


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  40. F5c372ea 9006 4747 a769 94b6a2859ac4
    Godly mage defender  7 months ago

    The poll guy is back and he has no grammar

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