Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for March 15, 2019


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  1. Missing large
    305buckets  about 1 month ago

    Looks like someone was right on the money when they predicted Artur would ace this.

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  2. Large 0f52ad64 c798 4c01 bf10 24d1bfcf3e1d
    iEjene™  about 1 month ago

    Absolutely no one saw that coming!

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  3. Wallpaper
    Ned Dickens  about 1 month ago

    I KNEW IT!!!

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  4. Photo
    ManavManikandan  about 1 month ago

    Third!!!!I am amazing

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  5. Screen shot 2019 03 17 at 1.34.47 pm
    NobodyElse  about 1 month ago

    Betting my username that Nate hit 12 pitches and artur will hit 40

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  6. Cluelessnate
    Yoda  about 1 month ago

    Big Nate Trivia Question #5:

    In 1995 (Or another year but I think it was the year right after Teddy arrived), Nate and his classmates went on a Field trip to which state of America?

    (Yesterday’s answers: Joe’s Pizza, Joe’s Frozen Yogurt, Joe’s Falafel, Joe’s Chicken, Eagles, Joe’s Tacos, Chez Linda, Doormats, Vultures, Cream Puffs, Cupcakes)

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  7. Img 20190311 203100 3
    Nachikethass  about 1 month ago

    I’m happy!

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  8. Flash
    pschearer Premium Member about 1 month ago

    “Good ol’ Charlie Brown. . . How I hate him.” — 1950

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  9. Icon2
    Nathan's Creative Name  about 1 month ago

    Fact about me, up until a year ago, my stupid brain read Artur’s name as ARTHUR…

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  10. Cartoon goat 13360139
    jackhammer165  about 1 month ago

    It’s all about technique. You need that tongue poking out of the corner of the mouth just right, as a counterbalance to the swinging arms!

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  11. Missing large
    Jonathan W.G.  about 1 month ago

    Jeez, if Nate were a normal person, after the many times Artur beats Nate by sheer luck, he’d think twice to let Artur show off his luck when it comes to anything, but nope, Nate never learns… I can guess Artur might hit it 36-40 out of 40 pitches this time as it’s Artur, the luckiest boy in the world.

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  12. Photo
    Mako shark  about 1 month ago

    Can we please have a moment of silence for the 49 people killed in a shooting in New Zealand today.

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  13. Good photo
    Just Your Average GoComics Commentator  about 1 month ago

    Nate should’ve known better when he went golfing with Artur.

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  14. Flat 550x550 075 f.u2
    Doc Main  about 1 month ago

    i honestly thought arthur would break nates bat

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  15. Npt ninja sp character
    Neptune_Ninja_Comics  about 1 month ago

    Every one predicted that…….Quick Question: How many batting cages have you been to?

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  16. Ezgif 2 832cb8e8fc6f
    NintenSwitch  about 1 month ago

    Then why’d you asked him to join you?

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  17. Lotr
    Me78  about 1 month ago

    Everyone predicted that

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  18. Nps4tnt  1
    The comic warrior  about 1 month ago

    How many pitches did he hit?

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  19. Img 1610
    WmCraft Premium Member about 1 month ago

    Like he promised yesterday, “Like nothing you’ve ever seen.”

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  20. Missing large
    Chriseanos3710LAhatman  about 1 month ago

    In a BIG Turn of events, Jenny is for some reason here…

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  21. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  about 1 month ago

    Is it just me, or does that bat seem incredibly short in panel three? No wonder Nate couldn’t hit any…

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  22. Nate10
    BiggerNate91  about 1 month ago

    The new Avengers Endgame trailer has dropped. Don’t you guys worry, I’ll be getting started on a new parody soon.

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  23. Photo
    TheRapture  about 1 month ago

    Only good girlfriend Nate had is kelly

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  24. Photo
    MavisGirl  about 1 month ago

    I am not surprised Artur could do it XD

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  25. Screen shot 2019 03 30 at 1.02.00 pm
    Pig Lover  about 1 month ago

    Honestly, I think Jenny will come and join them.

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  26. Abcya paint
    Connor Bean  about 1 month ago

    Sometimes i wonder if Artur is showing off

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  27. Fire
    (/OwO)/  about 1 month ago

    To be honest this was a bit too cliche but im still looking forward to the rest of this arc

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  28. Missing large
    Tallguy  about 1 month ago

    I know “Nate” and “Learn” are mutually exclusive…

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  29. Flat 550x550 075 f.u2
    Doc Main  about 1 month ago

    why does everyone have to be rude over at peanuts comment section

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  30. Captain crawfish 1
    CaptainCrawfish  about 1 month ago

    I think I can see where this is going…

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  31. Missing large
    Comic Minister  about 1 month ago

    Same here!

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  32. 8a5ab3f2 3d08 4f49 9c59 0525a8db44b2
    ComicComet  about 1 month ago

    Artur: Hits homerun and starts running bases

    Artur: sees something sticking out of the home plate

    Artur: Nate, come look! I am find dollar that is 100!

    Nate: blows up

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  33. Screen shot 2019 02 13 at 9.04.24 pm
    Godzilla2016  about 1 month ago

    Easiest Big Nate trivia question. (Don’t expect me to do this all the time.) How did Nate and Artur meet for the first time?

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  34. Craig 4 life
    ILikeTrains  about 1 month ago

    one word, OOF

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  35. Golf nate
    spyroclub1  about 1 month ago


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  36. Creepy nate
    Swayamplays  about 1 month ago

    Vote for User of January and Feburary

    This idea is made by Neptune Ninja

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  37. Joesamels
    Foster Samels  about 1 month ago

    Artur is good at baseball too

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  38. Golf nate
    spyroclub1  about 1 month ago

    100th comment!

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  39. 1ce9d321 290e 4d10 9fbd a5a07527062a
    TwilightComiX 69  about 1 month ago

    I knew it!

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  40. Ee52f498 5ae9 4c9b 84fb de36e6e9b728
    dehuachen2016  about 1 month ago

    That’s creamy

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  41. C0068528 a19f 4a76 bb99 a1715ce8a08a  about 1 month ago

    ОечдовлсовлривчлЛялекююцчцкорк I don’t k how to spell in Bulgarian. :(

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  42. 28 286215 vector library download squidward dance dab dank funny
    Moto Moto!  about 1 month ago


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