Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for December 04, 2018


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  1. F7406ae9 75d5 44a9 bf69 5cc72e7645b6
    iEjene™  about 1 year ago

    Well, that was fast…

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  2. Ned dickens
    Ned Dickens  about 1 year ago

    This probably won’t last long….

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  3. Ellen
    Ellen_Wright  about 1 year ago

    I wonder if its Spitsy’s kid..

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  4. Rua 011  small
    scribbledribble  about 1 year ago

    I am back. evil laugh

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  5. Download  10
    Game Freakazoid  about 1 year ago

    Not looking good.

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  6. Missing large
    Sci-Fi Fanatic207  about 1 year ago

    This comic may lead to why having a dog may not be as great as you’d think.

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  7. C622a1f7 adf4 4be8 bafa e9a486206c3b
    B0BERT  about 1 year ago

    Guys GoComics might turn off the commments if there is fighting or swearing please try to be kind with the comments

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  8. Photo
    JustinGreathouse,Jr.  about 1 year ago

    makes sense he has been holding it for a day

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  9. Icon2
    Nathan's Creative Name  about 1 year ago

    Well, shouldn’t Nate be able to keep the dog until the original owner shows up… Like when Ellen found a cat?

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  10. Photo
    Rachel_E  about 1 year ago

    That puppy looks like Spitsy when he was a puppy. ;D

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  11. Spongebob rainbow meme video 16x9.0
    Soulfur  about 1 year ago

    Has anyone heard that a new Big Nate book is coming out in 2019? It’s called Big Nate: Payback Time! Is anybody pre-ordering it?

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  12. Img 1610
    WCraft Premium Member about 1 year ago

    That is one tiny dog…

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  13. 8a5ab3f2 3d08 4f49 9c59 0525a8db44b2
    ComicComet  about 1 year ago

    What a great start to convincing his dad.

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  14. Gmm mythical
    LINK_O_NEAL  about 1 year ago

    Well that little pooch is making himself at home. See he poured himself a cup of coffee and spilled it on accident.

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  15. Missing large
    Chriseanos3710LAhatman  about 1 year ago

    Okay, That seems Fair

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  16. Missing large
    sxorr  about 1 year ago

    It would be a fun arc if this puppy grew into a real dog the defended Nate from all the cats of the world. Imagine Nate and Francis coming to blows when (yet unnamed) pup chases Pickles up a tree.

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  17. Biggerverse v2
    BiggerNate91  about 1 year ago

    So what’s gonna happen when Ellen sees this little dog?

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  18. Urban lakshmi
    Bucinka  about 1 year ago

    At least Marty hasn’t said, “No, we can’t keep him” yet. Hope springs eternal….

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  19. Images
    MateRight  about 1 year ago

    Notice closely how the color of the dog is identical to spitsy, that could be one of spitsy’s children, it also instantly defecated on the ground, sounds like something spitsy would do!

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  20. 34023177
    dom cos  about 1 year ago

    RIP my hope

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  21. Missing large
    davetb1956  about 1 year ago

    Exactly why one shouldn’t put a puppy on a table or counter top.

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  22. Purple dragon
    Dragongirl55  about 1 year ago

    I am a kid

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  23. Captain crawfish 1
    CaptainCrawfish  about 1 year ago

    Maybe that puppy’s a little too comfortable

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  24. Teto 85 untitled 1
    Teto85 Premium Member about 1 year ago

    Nate needs a cat for that cat toy.

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