Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for July 05, 2015

  1. Missing large
    phreak91  over 7 years ago

    … what?

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  2. Large dr cesspool 1
    Dr. Cesspool  over 7 years ago

    Say wat? Sunday strips are getting weirder….

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  3. Missing large
    Reppr Premium Member over 7 years ago

    “Ding Ding” I wonder if that was the duck talking.

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  4. Tat2 small
    Mark Wardale  over 7 years ago

    Do you have to pay to go to the beach in the US?

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  5. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member over 7 years ago

    Go after that bird now!!!

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  6. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member over 7 years ago

    So “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”……and a girl needs THIS boy like a seagull needs a….you know……..!!!!……….ha ha…

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  7. Missing large
    Jim Kerner  over 7 years ago

    I had my bike stolen once by a seagull. But, since this happened at the bay, it was a baygull. LOL. I’ll leave.

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  8. Strega
    P51Strega  over 7 years ago

    Why only one well drawn bird? Doesn’t one good tern deserve another?

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  9. Missing large
    ae15269  over 7 years ago


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  10. Bn001015cmyk hs 1
    m_ladybug0518  over 7 years ago

    LOL XD WHAT?! I think you’ve been in the sun a liiiittle to long, Nate X)

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  11. Missing large
    Ultra_Run  almost 7 years ago

    Has anyone else notice that the segals legs couldn’t reach the pedal?

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  12. Image
    iheartcomix123  almost 7 years ago

    Birds can be greedy…but I’ve never heard of one getting THAT greedy.

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  13. Img 0706
    UniformTrain3  about 6 years ago

    Wut? _

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  14. Missing large
    Kitten  almost 5 years ago



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  15. 7f6d80f1 8332 40de 8453 edf32aa213b4
    Boosted (Heavy main in TF2)  over 4 years ago

    That’s funny but it doesn’t beat the time Nate’s marshmallow burned while there was no fire on.

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  16. Dd2001gv
    DevilDog2001 Premium Member over 4 years ago

    Where’s Nate’s Bike Helmet?

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  17. Roblox logo
      ‍   about 4 years ago

    Dont get it….

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  18. 2c109401 3913 4b3a 8844 8d6f7fc50581
    cpf6977  almost 4 years ago

    My god that was so random I love it

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  19. F144c4ca 948f 46bf b2ba 608b5f1a1c02
    ♞нυитєявσу_z♘  over 3 years ago

    That seagull must’ve gone to biking school.

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  20. Missing large
    nandayconures!  over 3 years ago

    There’s also not a chance i would go any higher than my knees at the beach alone lol.

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  21. 39e67913 68c4 4375 97da 7067feacf72d
    ComicFan4Life  almost 3 years ago


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  22. Aoh14ggzbvhkponuerhud8lcneyntsu3kz4az6i6get5
    JulianJet  over 2 years ago

    Those seagulls can just take anything can they?

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  23. Large screenshot 2020 09 17 at 6.11.46 pm
    HalberCon  over 2 years ago

    can seagulls actually do that

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  24. Dutch
    Dutch Van Der Linde  over 2 years ago

    This is why you get a bike lock and use it

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  25. Blackwhitesword
    Starth  over 2 years ago

    I feel like some arcs are nothing goes good for Nate. Like this one, It shows him trying to make good out of something, then something bad happens, Then again, that’s what makes the laughter in comics.

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  26. A408237cf49177278afccd746f11ae47
    MabelPines1234  about 2 years ago

    HOW is that seagull riding a BIKE!?

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  27. A9d5dddb 1121 45dd 9a2b c9a6d5079508
    Bring da bling  over 1 year ago

    Well, yoda, looks like you got one right and wrong here, Seagulls are pretty annoying, but they um, let’s just say they don’t ONLY poke your knees.

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  28. Il 1588xn.2622000273 a6oc
    Snoopy is the Best! :)  about 1 year ago

    This one makes no sense… it’s like the vulture one in 2013! But the strip is still hilarious!

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