Big Nate by Lincoln Peirce for October 24, 2014

  1. Riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  over 7 years ago

    Mrs. Godfrey should know better thank to tell Nate to make an essay interesting! She should’ve seen this coming

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  2. 315px normal funny001
    Comisftw  over 7 years ago

    If he puts facts in it, it could be good.But it’s Nate.

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  3. Missing large
    jmarkoff2  over 7 years ago

    John Tyler was interesting. He was a political moron who had all parties howling for his head, but managed a last minute deal to make Texas part of the USA on the very last days of his ofiice. He survived a terrible shipboard accident alongside his bride to be, when his father in law to be was killed in the same incident. Tyler proved himself a bottomless sperm bank who produced 15 children over his lifetime, and finished his days as a passive petty traitor to the country he had once been leader of.

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  4. Koala
    orbenjawell Premium Member over 7 years ago

    ….at least that’s where this one’s coming from…….Oblivia.

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  5. Fester
    dvoyack  over 7 years ago

    Should have picked Franklin Pierce..

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  6. Milo2
    ArfArf88  over 7 years ago

    So that’s how a Hollywood film is born.

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  7. Missing large
    gzitver  over 7 years ago

    Interesting fact: John Tyler, who was born in 1790, as of last December had two living grandsons.

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  8. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  over 7 years ago

    Hey, why not? If Abraham Lincoln can be a Vampire Hunter, John Tyler can fight Androids…

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  9. Missing large
    Comic Minister Premium Member over 7 years ago

    Oh no.

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  10. Dr cesspool
    byamrcn  over 7 years ago

    Very funny…remember, Godfrey, you asked for it.

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  11. Missing large
    Jim Kerner Premium Member over 7 years ago

    What’s wrong with Millard Fillmore?

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  12. Missing large
    Jim Kerner Premium Member over 7 years ago

    It’s Big Nate vs. Mrs. Godfrey vs. the principal. It should be fun.

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  13. Missing large
    susan.e.a.c  over 7 years ago

    Nate will do fine; she opened the door, he walked in.

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  14. Epic face
    SuperDavid  over 7 years ago

    Here we go again.

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  15. Riker lynch image riker lynch 36448164 300 300
    peanuts511  over 7 years ago

    no, its Riker Lynch

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  16. Thgq5p47wa
    technicalzombie100  over 7 years ago

    not that intresting

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  17. Missing large
    notus  over 7 years ago

    …..he probably wrote Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter too

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  18. 39e67913 68c4 4375 97da 7067feacf72d
    ComicFan4Life  over 2 years ago


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