Feb 6, 1999
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Nate: Oh, NO! What's He doing here?

Francis: That guy? He's here to take photos!

Francis: You know, action shots! During the game!

Nate: AAARRGH! Couldn't somebody else do it? That guy is my nemesis!

nate: He takes our class photos every year and always catches me with the stupidest look on my face!

Francis: That's because you're posing you're self-conscious! 

Francis: But you won't have that problem during the game! You'll be too nusy playing!

Nate: Hmmm... You're right!

Ref: Time out, home team!

Nate: Whew! Water!

kid: Hey! My retainer's in there!

Nate: PTOO!
Feb 8, 1999
Small u 201701251613

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