Betty by Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen for June 16, 2011

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    TashaNC  over 12 years ago

    she should let her son take care of it. im sure he could come upo with something good.

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    NEMO1967  over 12 years ago

    ahahaha !!!!!! omg, betty yell loud to hit the computer..she wtf ??!!

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    anarkissed  over 12 years ago

    Pick a fave word, capitalize first and/or last letter, change out one or more characters to similar looking numbers, like 5 for s, 3 for e, etc. Memorable, unique, passes the damn computer parse. Then go back into your account settings after you’re done creating, and change it to whatever you damn well like.

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    Bea_Pirate  over 12 years ago

    Dear Betty, (I do computer technical support for a living.) Here’s what you do: think of a 7-letter word or name that you can remember easily. Place your hands on your keyboard as if to type it, but before doing so, lift your hands together and DISPLACE them: say, 1 row up and half-a-key to the left. NOW type your easy 7-letter word. It will now be a ‘nonsense’ word with letters and numerals in it. That will satisfy the automated attendent on the Web site you’re trying to get into, and the Bad Guys who’re trying to steal your precious Identity can only ‘break’ your password with slow, ‘brute force’ methods.Hope this is helpful.

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    Saucy1121 Premium Member over 12 years ago

    The sad part is, she’s trying to set her new password for gocomics.

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    slsharris  over 12 years ago

    I had so much trouble getting into an educational website at one time that my password became TeachMeStupid.

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