Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson for April 07, 2019

  1. Mmae
    pearlsbs  about 3 years ago

    Condolences to Jimmy Johnson for the loss of his Auburn Tigers in basketball. I think they got cheated by that missed call for double dribble.

    But congratulations to my Texas Tech Red Raiders. Hopefully they can get it done against Virginia Monday night.

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  2. Img 20211208 115937
    David Huie Green-ToChargeForTruthIsToPayForLies  about 3 years ago

    Those with nothing tend to be needy.

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  3. Wolfavatarlp4
    LobosSolos Premium Member about 3 years ago

    Not today ISIS!!!

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  4. Img 3705
    Jesy Bertz Premium Member about 3 years ago

    I love the “look” Janis gives Arlo.

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  5. Catinnabag2 50pct
    Màiri  about 3 years ago

    Could Arlo really be that naïve?

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  6. Sunshine   copy
    SusanSunshine Premium Member about 3 years ago

    She will soon “need” your money and your credit card number, just to buy a few things….

    and then to to get her “Uncle” out of jail….

    It never ends….


    I thought Arlo knew what she was, but he was enjoying pulling Janis’ chain.

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  7. Missing large
    James Wolfenstein  about 3 years ago

    Most likely a Nigerian scammer

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  8. Missing large
    nos.nevets  about 3 years ago

    That beautiful young thing has hair on his back.

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  9. Img 0306
    Vangoghdog01  about 3 years ago

    Women are like Lamborghinis. Fun to have, but can you afford the maintenance?


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  10. Twin towers as 11
    jarvisloop  about 3 years ago

    It might be a bot.

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  11. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member about 3 years ago

    A poor Russian lass seeking marriage no doubt.

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  12. Sophielens 2015 08 24 15 29  2
    Rotary12 Premium Member about 3 years ago

    That because she’s a guy.

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  13. Mikes phone 066
    edge2edge  about 3 years ago

    Good one to delete. Next thing ya’ know she will want your social security number and tell you she has an uncle who died in Nigeria. Give her your bank info and she will see to it you get his millions from government bonds he has accumulated.

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  14. Dk
    kunddog  about 3 years ago

    remember Admiral Ackbar “IT’S A TRAP”

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  15. 0584 l
    1MadHat Premium Member about 3 years ago

    Arlo had best leave this one alone. I’ve seen that look before, (not directed at me) and watched it smolder until it finally went nuclear. NOT pretty…. 8^)

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  16. Inbound to iraq  2
    Scoutmaster77  about 3 years ago

    Scam! :-D

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  17. Missing large
    amaryllis2 Premium Member about 3 years ago

    I have a friend whose then-husband was stupid enough to let himself be catfished like that last year. He started sending “her” all their money and that was the end of that marriage.

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  18. Missing large
    mafastore  about 3 years ago

    Husband is online on Facebook and other sites with a lot of women – he is a weaver and belongs to and runs weaving group. Doesn’t matter to me – no jealousy no fear of loss of husband. He needs me to help him – a newer model would not do so – especially since I am the accountant and am in charge of money. After being married 39 years, engaged 4 years, dating for 2 years and knowing each other for 2 years before that, well, 45 years is a lot of time and movies together.

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  19. Missing large
    mafastore  about 3 years ago

    That should be weaving groups – plural.

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