Arlo and Janis by Jimmy Johnson for October 14, 2018

  1. Cicada avatar
    Dirty Dragon  over 3 years ago

    You’d have to pick that up at the General Store in Dodge City, Arlo.

    No porch service, even ordering out of the 1883 Montgomery Ward catalog.

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  2. Doug3
    baddawg1989  over 3 years ago

    Nowadays he’d have to worry about the thieving hombres that follow the stagecoach on its delivery route.

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  3. 2006 afl collingwood
    nosirrom  over 3 years ago

    What theme songs are going through your head. Bonanza? Gunsmoke? Little House on the Prairie? Or maybe The Good, The Bad and the Ugly? I’m just glad that For a Few Dollars More I can get two day delivery.

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  4. Michaelparksjimbronson
    well-i-never  over 3 years ago

    Remember when he got his ten gallon hat? He was so disgusted with himself for being weak. He’d been looking up converting liters to gallons and before he knew it he’d ordered a hat.

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  5. Tyge
    Tyge Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Yee Haw!

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  6. Grumpy bear by capsicum
    DDrazen  over 3 years ago

    “C’mon on, the stove isn’t THAT old!”

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  7. 5f3a242a feac 42cc b507 b6590d3039f7
    Plods with ...™ Premium Member over 3 years ago

    Sears. Originally a catalog store that delivered goods to your door that’s now being forced into bankruptcy by a business that delivers goods to your door.

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  8. Twin towers as 11
    jarvisloop  over 3 years ago

    We are returning to the days of minimal human interaction.

    Considering how most people are, it sounds good to me.

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  9. Missing large
    joedon2007  over 3 years ago

    when I order things they are just left by the garage with no KNOCK

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  10. Missing large
    cymusiker  over 3 years ago

    you must have been listening to Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man,” in which the residents of Gary, Indiana are eagerly awaiting the Wells Fargo Wagon “a-comin’ down the street…” with “sump’n special just for me!”

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  11. It  s a gas station    by todd sullest
    Max Starman Jones  over 3 years ago

    After watching “NCIS” this past week, I was afraid of what was going to happen.

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  12. Sunset sailboat avatar
    dtegtmeier51  over 3 years ago

    Actually, living on the Oregon coast, this is the only way to get a lot of basic essentials like clothing, shoes, and anything Walmart doesn’t sell…. So, yes, I do feel like I’m living on the frontier.

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  13. 9  ab 4 yrs old
    m b  over 3 years ago

    I miss Sears, they use to have really good quality linens and towel. we bought 99% of our tools at Sears…..they did not get on the “online” bandwagon fast enough and that along with management killed a good store

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  14. Missing large
    velveeta  over 3 years ago

    The bookend of Arlo and the character in the strip don’t match. When did Arlo get a prominent chin? Or did he just get old?

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  15. Missing large
    Bobbo76  over 3 years ago

    Yeah, but the Sears catalog had a dual purpose then…

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  16. 2016 steelers wallpaper six superbowls rings trophys
    awesomesteeler  over 3 years ago

    Amazon…. It’s a Billion dollars Big Business @ 2018

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