May 4, 2013
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doowee: allow me to introduce myself...
doowee: my card! i am doowee, attorney-at-law, and i hereby offer my services to your prisoner!
guard: "attorney-at-law?" what th'heck is that?!
doowee: whether you understand or not, as this man's attorney, i demand the right to speak to him!
guard: sorry! i can't let you do that!
doowee: that prisoner cannot be denied the right to talk to his attorney!
guard: sorry! all i do is guard! you'll hafta talk t'king guz about that!
doowee: where do i find this king guz?
guard: i'd try lookin' for him at his palace in moo! go down that road! y'can't miss it!
narrator: soon...
doowee: i am a visitor to your country! my name is doowee, attorney-at-law, at your service!
guz: attorney at what?!
doowee: isn't there one wise person in moo?
more next week...
May 6, 2013
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