WuMo by Wulff & Morgenthaler


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  1. YokohamaMama

    YokohamaMama said, 6 months ago

    As good a method as any. But I pity the hamster.

  2. John Smith

    John Smith said, 6 months ago

    Oh crap! The PETA folks are going to get pissed and make it illegal to toss hamsters now.

  3. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    @John Smith

    They’ll be more upset about the pate.

  4. hltrim52

    hltrim52 said, 6 months ago

    Actually it is “pity this busy monster manunkind not”….

  5. notsooldguy

    notsooldguy said, 6 months ago

    This is closer to reality than many people realize. According to many studies, index funds outperform most fund managers. And the costs are lower, too. It’s a no brainier: index funds are better.

  6. gopher gofer

    gopher gofer said, 6 months ago


    especially if you let dart-throwing monkeys choose them

  7. TIM666XXX

    TIM666XXX said, 6 months ago

    Do hamsters like pate?

  8. Snowgirl

    Snowgirl said, 6 months ago

    If they can afford that much pate they don’t need the hamster.

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