Working Daze by John Zakour and Scott Roberts

Working Daze

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  1. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 9 months ago

    She disagrees with her subconscious and they are both way over the mark.

  2. Tina72

    Tina72 said, 9 months ago

    love the teddy bear :-)

  3. Clark  Kent

    Clark Kent said, 9 months ago

    A single bed. How appropriate. The teddy bear too.
    She’s an adult little girl playing executive.
    (male executives aren’t any better, in fact worse)

  4. rshive

    rshive said, 9 months ago


    It’s a nice touch. The Olympic skiers and Rita probably have a fair amount in common, temperamentally. Except the skiers tend to have more success.

  5. dheine1971

    dheine1971 GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Not gold or bronze?

  6. Doh

    Doh said, 9 months ago

    Rita,may fire her dream writer. heh. :)

  7. PoodleGroomer

    PoodleGroomer said, 9 months ago

    Second is the first loser.

  8. phritzg

    phritzg GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    I’d like to see a strip where Rita figures out that John and Scott are responsible for her shortcomings in life. ;-)

  9. oldpine

    oldpine said, 9 months ago

    Now we know that when Lucy VanPelt grew up she changed her name to Rita.

  10. ChessPirate

    ChessPirate said, 9 months ago


    “First best of all the rest.”

  11. ChessPirate

    ChessPirate said, 9 months ago


    Here’s your cue, Scott: Rita is Maria! Rita is Maria! (hee hee)

  12. Christopher Vickers

    Christopher Vickers GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago


    That explains her constant crabbiness, lol.

  13. invertedyesterday

    invertedyesterday said, 9 months ago

    I thought Rita would have gone for the skeleton. Silver means you lived…

  14. johnzakour

    johnzakour GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    BTW only one more day to vote for how the story should flow in this weeks Quantum Voyeur.

  15. Steve L

    Steve L said, 9 months ago

    no water bootle?

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