Wizard of Id by Parker and Hart

Wizard of Id

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  1. Clark  Kent

    Clark Kent said, 5 months ago

    Yes, he spelled it flower instead of flour in the “cook” book.

  2. DavidHuieGreen

    DavidHuieGreen said, 5 months ago

    The hazards of wizarding

  3. Llewellenbruce

    Llewellenbruce said, 5 months ago

    Now she’ll have to water him twice a day.

  4. Bruno Zeigerts

    Bruno Zeigerts said, 5 months ago

    ‘Do something… there’s a bee coming…’

  5. oldpine

    oldpine said, 5 months ago

    So now the Wiz is a blooming fool.

  6. MayKitten

    MayKitten GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    Calling Doctor Weasley! Calling Doctor Hermione Weasley!

  7. chithing

    chithing said, 5 months ago

    Tell him to go pluck himself.

  8. frugalnotcheap

    frugalnotcheap said, 5 months ago

    I find her gardening attire a bit more flattering than her daily dress.

  9. William Pursell

    William Pursell GoComics PRO Member said, 5 months ago

    Oh Blanche luv,would now be a good time to mention to the Wiz that long “to do” list you had in mind?(Standing close to him with those flower snipers)

  10. Jeff H

    Jeff H said, 5 months ago

    Get the bug spray, lady…

  11. Hugh Manatee

    Hugh Manatee said, 5 months ago

    “Help me! Help meeee! "

  12. legaleagle48

    legaleagle48 said, 5 months ago

    As often as I’ve compared the Wizard to Aunt Clara, I feel as though I should apologize — to her. He makes her look like Endora!

  13. DavidHuieGreen

    DavidHuieGreen said, 5 months ago


    Endora was my favorite. Samantha looked better and was cute, but nobody beat Endora for personality.

  14. LadyKat

    LadyKat said, 5 months ago


    I do believe Nigel Longbottom was the botanist of the group.

  15. JanCinLV

    JanCinLV said, 5 months ago

    Healer Weasley, not Doctor and Nigel is a Herbologist, not a botanist. (Yeah, I’m in the middle of reading those books at the moment.)

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