Wide Open by Rich Powell

Wide Open


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  1. edclectic

    edclectic said, 11 months ago


  2. artybee

    artybee said, 11 months ago

    I love bees (only stung once by one up pant leg), but I hate wasps, hornets, mud daubers and yellowjackets (forgot how many times they’ve gotten me. Those suckers hurt.).

  3. Three Steps Over Japan

    Three Steps Over Japan said, 11 months ago

    Guy: “Lawn is hell!”

  4. JohnnyDiego

    JohnnyDiego said, 11 months ago

    I stepped barefoot once into a nest of yellow jackets. They stung me many times on the foot and legs.

    I was so mad I came back with a shovel and a can of wasp and hornet killer.

    I broke open the nest and fiercely sprayed into it. That made those yellow hornets madder-n-hell! They stung me all on my hands and arms, face and neck. I must have been stung 25 times.

    But I got everyone of those little demon stingers! They knew better to come back to that nest again.

  5. Ray C

    Ray C said, 11 months ago

    Now we know why Georgia Tech names their athletic teams the Yellow Jackets.

  6. jmcx4

    jmcx4 said, 11 months ago


    I know a game you would like. My Grandpa told us that when he was a lad, they would break off pine boughs and wade into a yellow jacket nest. They would try and take as many out as possible. The last guy still swatting won the game. They would wipe out an entire nest that way.

  7. George Tirebiter

    George Tirebiter said, 11 months ago

    When in doubt, use Napalm…

  8. Rich Powell

    Rich Powell GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago

    @George Tirebiter

    cartoon about that on the horizon

  9. Three Steps Over Japan
  10. Rich Powell

    Rich Powell GoComics PRO Member said, 11 months ago


    A term that includes a naughty word comes to mind. blank-fire!

  11. waykirk

    waykirk said, 11 months ago

    This was not the first time that the yellow jackets got me. A year or two later I hit their ground nest on a riding lawn mower and they came out like Charlie Cong at Tet.

    Dear wife runs into the house and hides in the bathroom. Stung at least ten times and lost my Rx sunglasses and nearly turned over the mower.

    Later, at twilight, a little gas into the bug hole and Charlie gets his. You dont have to light it. But I wanted to. Just because.

    P.S. Charlie lost the battle but we lost the war after Uncle Walter Cronkite made us look bad and worse.

    Not to mention Westmoreland and Kissinger who were useless to the average grunt.

    The old and sometimes stung and grumpy Sarge

  12. edclectic

    edclectic said, 11 months ago


    “… but we lost the war…”
    I disagree, Sarge; that cluster f&#k was dropped on us grunts and I’ll call it a draw until they plant me in a national cemetery. Been there, done that, but not necessarily lookin’ forward to my flag.

  13. jbmlaw

    jbmlaw said, 11 months ago

    My own “watch this, Margaret” story. Stupid yellow jacket stung my elbow while I was cutting the grass, so I put away the mower and brought out the gasoline can, and poured freely down the nest-hole. Lit the fire, then noticed the gas can beside me was flaming out of the top. Was able to put it out before being launched by that home-made Molotov cocktail.

  14. waykirk

    waykirk said, 11 months ago


    You are welcome. That was over forty some years ago now and I try not to think about it too much.

    The real hero’s are the ones that didn’t come back.

    And our fathers, uncles, brothers and sisters (yes, the ladies served and died in WWII and the other conflicts and wars).

    May The Almighty bless them all.

    The old and nearly ancient Sarge

  15. waykirk

    waykirk said, 11 months ago


    I can wait for my flag as well edclectic.

    Thank you for your service.

    God bless us all.

    The old Sarge

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