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  1. omQ R

    omQ R said, over 3 years ago

    I’m surprised this isn’t on your collective radars, Islamist terrorists that they are and all. I mentioned Mali a few months before it was “news” on this forum. I really thought the US would be particularly sensitive to Islamist terror groups all over. But not really, it seems. Quite a parochial lot for a country that has military bases all over and often laments being the [self-appointed] policeman of the world.

    Perhaps this might make a few people look up Nigeria on a map. But not likely, Gado is also African; no-one reads this section.

    Anyway, this is about Nigeria’s very recent government escalation – that’s their president, Goodluck Jonathan, in the cartoon – in its attempts to thwart them in some of its northern states; major military intervention is on-going at the moment.
    This will get some of you guys rolling: Boko Haram loosely translates as “Western education is forbidden/unislamic/bad/naughty/not-very-kosher”. A nasty bunch if there ever was one, rather, has become one. I don’t think it’s linked to Al Qai’da at all, btw, but it has killed thousands over the last 4 or so years since its existence a dozen or so years ago. You see, its title might be a tad misleading. The Westernisation it purports to be against is probably aimed at the southern states, Nigeria’s government, corruption (oh boy, is there ever corruption in Nigeria) and its perceived links to adopting Western styles and culture while disparaging Muslim values and communities. So, not aimed at us in the West per se, but at its fellow Nigerians copying the West and its loose morals etc etc etc and the disparaging of Muslim values & communities in favour of Christians.

    Looney bunch like the other religious nutters and as deadly, too.

  2. omQ R

    omQ R said, over 3 years ago

    I wasn’t referring to your government, I was referring to you, Americans.
    But I agree with your 2nd paragraph.

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