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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Oct 6, 2016
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Donald and John
a boy presidential candidate and his imaginary publicist & their cartoon world.

Boy: My first debate is monday! Look at all this homework!

Trump: Ah, you don't have to do it Donald.
Boy: I dont?

Trump: No! Debates are easy! overtime she says something you don't like, just say, "wong!"

Dilbert: Donald are you blowing off your debate prep?
boy: WRONG!
Dilbert: Okay.
Trump: See how it works

Boy: This will be a piece of cake,


Clinton: ...and Donald said that global warming is a chances hoax!
boy: Wrong!

Pinnochio: Pants on fire! Heres the tweet where you said that!

Clinton:  And Donald doesn't even pay taxes!

Boy: Only because I was smart enough to lose a billion dollars!
Clinton: And you fat shamed a beauty pageant winner!
Boy: Wha...who?

Miss Piggy: Moi!
Boy: Miss Piggy! But she's disgusting! girls are yucky!
Boo! Boo! boo!

Boy: Everyones mad at me!
Trump: Thats because you weren't clear enough nohow disgusting Miss Piggy is.

Boy: Good Point! So, I'll tweet that out now!
Trump: Thats'll rally your wonderful supporters!


Boy: Oh miss piggy. theres a frog who wants to see you.
Piggy: My sweet frog! My love will always be kind to me!

Frog: I wouldn't bet on it, you N!@#$  K#@%(*&^

Oct 10, 2016
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