Aug 21, 2014
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billy dare
boy adventurer with quentin
-smugglers' cape-
ch. vilxxiv: weaponized flashbacks
villain: billy dare, you're trapped! surrender now, and i'll grant you a swift death.
nathop: our only hope is for me to leap for that hut!
billy: nathop, wait! before you go, protect yourself with a flashback!
oop: you don't have a strong backstory established! just think about your childhood.
nathop: okay...
father: keep the... watch, son... it is a clue to your true identity...
nathop: y-yes, father.
billy: alright... go!
pow pow
nathop: unbelievable! i made it!
villain: aha! i heard that! now i'll have my own flashback!
oop: back to work! worthless orphan!
villain: ha,ha! now i too have a backstory! i can't die! i'm invinci...
billy: classic mistake! characters whose backstories include unresolved mysteries can't die in stories like this. but characters with sympathetic backstories certainly can!
next: billy: now, we've got to find out the meaning of this watch!
nathop: um... no rush...
Aug 28, 2014
Small u 201701251612

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