Aug 14, 2014
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pinocchio, inc.
geppetto:...that's okay, you can pay me next time you come! my toy business is really expanding! my lawyer asked me to sign these incorporation papers!
apprentice: good night, geppetto!
fairy: kind geppetto created a corporation! i'll make it a real person!
pinocchio: wow! i'm alive! okay, here's what we do... outsource the job of that apprentice to china!
oop: no!
pinocchio: who are you?
cricket: why, i'm your conscience! that apprentice needs this job, and he makes great toys!
pinocchio: i'm a corporation! i can't have a conscience! i have a fiduciary duty to my shareholders! if something is legal and will be profitable, i've got to do it!
cricket: legal doesn't mean moral! you'll never be a real person if you don't listen! wh... what are you doing?
pinocchio: i'm checking to see if crickets are on an endangered list or otherwise protected as an agriculturally beneficial species! nope! this is totally legal!
and so
pinocchio: now, we'll save on taxes by abandoning our country, and inverting to another!
pinocchio inc.
geppetto: isn't that unpatriotic?
pinocchio: not at all.
geppetto: uh... did your nose just grow?
Aug 21, 2014
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