Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling

Tom the Dancing Bug

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    INGSOC GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Hands are off limits..

  2. kapock

    kapock said, 9 months ago

    No need to trouble yourself, Gavin: I’m afraid international soccer matches may already be, ahem, fixed.

  3. HectorGonzalez

    HectorGonzalez said, 9 months ago

    Just eliminate the offsides trap.

  4. richardelguru

    richardelguru GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    But football (not the stupid American version of Rugger with bicycle helmets that involves more measuring than any sport apart from the long jump, I mean REAL football) already is the most popular sport.

  5. MrsSnape

    MrsSnape said, 9 months ago

    Make biting optional!

  6. donaldo

    donaldo GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Put Ann Coulter on goal

  7. packratjohn

    packratjohn said, 9 months ago

    “You Don’t Have to Live Like A Referee”…. recent Simpsons episode.

  8. puddleglum1066

    puddleglum1066 said, 9 months ago

    Too late, Reuben… as of a couple days ago, Americans are again free to ignore soccer.

  9. Rick Pikul

    Rick Pikul said, 9 months ago


    Gridiron football, as a derivative of Rugby football, is a direct descendant of the very same meetings that resulted in association football. It is as much ‘real football’ as what is played in the World Cup.

  10. tomfromthe50s

    tomfromthe50s said, 9 months ago

    Make the field smaller! (Of course, then you’d have fewer seats to sell, so that won’t happen.)

  11. Toby Bartels

    Toby Bartels said, 9 months ago


    >If the OWNERS are being paid, it is no longer a sport; it’s a business [and therefore the workers, although called players, should be paid too].

    Fixed that for you ;-)

    (Or would you want to arge that American college football is not big business?)

  12. wintermute115

    wintermute115 said, 9 months ago

    tomfromthe50s: Nike ran a series of commercials in 2002 that might appeal:

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