Jun 13, 2014
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
if you bought a human organ here, please bring it back! and we will not involve the police...
electronics and more!
medicated morty*
*formerly, "crazy morty"
morty: you'd be "sane to shop at my store!
if you visit during a relapse, wawawa!
blu-ray at a substantial, yet unmistakably rational discount!
camera for a price that's low, yet quite sane!
you'll say: "that price is clearly the product of a properly functioning mind!"
state truth-in-advertising laws, as well as standard business ethics, require us to honor certain offers made in morty's less lucid times. if you bring in "bat droppings," you may not use them to purchase a flatscreen tv, but we will give you 5% off.
our new pledge: there is no planet-wide underground machinery. nor was there ever.
"our prices are so rational, we'll make a modest profit on each transaction!"
take it from morty's doctor:
doctor: morty zimmerman's new cocktail of atypical antipsychotic drugs has proven effective in managing his mental illness. however, i don't think i'm violating any patient/doctor confidentiality when i tell you that if you show up with a bag of live ants at about 4pm, when his meds levels are lowest, you might get very lucky.
Jun 20, 2014
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