May 15, 2014
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Tale of Ye Olde Inter-Nets
Part the Second
Thus far: a protocol for requesting information was invented, and prosperity and happiness spread through the kingdom. 
Man: I sent out a request to a town crier address...
Town Crier: Hear ye - six weird tricks to remedy thy gout! 
Footpaths, which the king had put under charge of the TROLL, were expanded into information roadways. 
And the troll went to the king - 
Troll: Look how rich some are getting by use of MY inter-nets!
Man: They're not YOUR inter-nets! You just built the ROADS -- because the king GAVE you that right! 
Man: And, you're getting wealthy as well! 
Troll: Ah, but not as wealthy as I could!
Troll: I want to charge MORE for those who want faster lanes. 
Man: Good sire, we must assure inter-nets NEUTRALITY! 
King: Hmm ... I shall appoint a commissioner of the communications to decide! 
Man: Excellent, I accept...
King: And I choose the troll!
Troll: You are wise, my liege!
Man: What? 
Troll: And the inter-nets are finally working right. 
Coming - The inter-nets for noblemen flourishes whilst web-surfing for serfs grinds to a halt. 
The End
May 22, 2014
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