Jan 10, 2014
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tom the dancing bug 1993 ruben bolling
chapter III in the executive offices of pliocene park, lazarus and dr. faucet discuss the impending exhibition of a living specimen of australopithecus afarensis, an extinct ape-like ancestor of humanity!
lazarus: t-shirts, mugs, perfume... charley the australopithecine will be the phenomenon of the decade!
party in the pliocene
i dated lucy.
faucet: bah! it's raining pretty hard. we'd better check on charley in that absurd cage you built for him.
lazarus: holy crombone! charley's gone!!
faucet: of course he's gone!! man can't pen up the forces of nature! nature will always run free!!
lazarus: the storm knocked his cable tv out. he must have wandered away.
faucet: so... there's an australopithecine on the loose...! we've got a pre-historic ape-man rampaging through new jersey!!
lazarus: wait! i think i see him!
faucet: my god-- he's feeding!
lazarus: it's... disgusting!
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Jan 17, 2014
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