Dec 27, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Chapter I 
Pete: Dr. Faucet? There's someone here to see you. 
Dr. Faucet: Thanks, Pete. I'll be right there. 
Dr. Faucet: Hello there. Do I know you? 
Lazarus: The name is Lazarus. 
Lazarus: I'd like you to come back to the states with me to see a theme park I'm launching. 
Dr. Faucet: I'm a world famous paleo-anthropologist. I can't just pick up...
Lazarus: If you endorse this park, I promise it will be WORTH YOUR WHILE! 
Dr. Faucet: Okay, Lazarus. Now, what kind of park IS this? 
Lazarus: Look over there -- through those trees! 
Lazarus: Dr. Faucet, I present to you the miracle of our time...
...A LIVING SPECIMEN OF AUSTRALOPITHECUS AFARENSIS!! An extinct ancestor of mankind from 3 1/2 million years ago! 
Dr. Faucet: Good lord, man! Where did he COME FROM? 
Lazarus: I met him in a burger joint in Passaic. 
Dr. Faucet: It's unbelievable! 
Lazarus: I thought I told you to wear these Tarzan briefs! 
Charley: Did you bring back any magazines? This PEOPLE is two weeks old! 
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Jan 3, 2014
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