Dec 5, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Superhero With Omnipotent Powers! 
WITH God-Man's most faithful follower and Earthly Vessel, FAN-BOY!
God-Man: Fan-Boy! There's a famine! We've got to leap into action!
Fan-Boy: Holy emergency, God-Man! 
God-Man: So, we'll quickly get there with...FAN-BOY, what are you DOING?!
Fan-Boy: Just as you instructed, I'm nabbing these lawbreakers who were trespassing on our grounds! 
God-Man: Fan-Boy, I need you to focus! Our most important mission is to help those in need!
Fan-Boy: Check, G-M! 
God-Man: Okay. Now, help me distribute the...FAN-BOY! Where are you now? 
Fan-Boy: Great news, God-Man! I caught these LEGISLATORS trying to raise taxes on the RICH in order to help the POOR!
God-Man: Fan-Boy, how many ways can I tell you -- my overriding message is that of PEACE and COMPASSION! 
Fan-Boy: Hold that thought, God-Man! You'll want me to take care of this...
Fan-Boy: These deviants want to get MARRIED! How DARE you defy, God-Man! 
God-Man: Worst. Sidekick. 
The End
Dec 12, 2013
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