Nov 22, 2013
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Mars Probe Technology Already Paying Dividends
The technology developed for NASA's PATHFINDER MARS MISSION is already yielding real earthbound benefits! NASA scientists were elated to announce the landing of another craft, on the surface of the SOUTH BRONZ. 
It is hoped that information gathered can be used to help its blighted economy. 
Launched from Cape Canaveral at 9:30 am, Pathfinder II reached its goal at 11:45am, bouncing in a shock-absorbing cocoon until settling near Grand Concourse and 165th. 
It beamed back these incredible pictures of the South Bronx landscape! 
R&M Market
And Sojourner II began its slow survey of its immediate surroundings. 
NASA engineer Brian Thomas: 
Brian: There's really not much that Sojourner II can do -- it's just important to show that we CAN do this. 
And for less than $250 million! 
Sojourner II's Alpha Proton X-Ray Spectometer detected a gummy substance on the surface. 
It beamed back a chemical breakdown, and scientists believe it may be "Juicy Fruit."
Sojourner II's mission came to an abrupt end; transmissions ceased soon after this final image was sent. 
Coincidentally, only days later, there was a positive economic development for the South Bronx: a resident made a sale of an undisclosed item to the Chinese government. 
Nov 29, 2013
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