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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Nov 15, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
It came! It napped! It left! IT...IS...BACK!
Without warning, it reappeared on our verdant sphere! 
Shluff: Behold SHLUFF, earthlings! 
I have returned to your planet, upon which I once freely napped!
A panicked United Nations convenes!
Man #1: Surely our atomic weapons can stop shluff from dozing!
Man #2: Fool! They would be as buzzing gnats to the somnolent colossus!
Shluff: Craven humans! I Have no desire to nap here again!
I lost my wallet, and I'm retracing my steps. 
Shluff: Hmm...
So once more did Shluff return to the cosmos, leaving behind him a mystified earth! 
Shluff: Nuts! THINK, Shluff! Perhaps when I napped on the two-ringed moon of URL...
The End!
Nov 22, 2013
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