Oct 11, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
If Damselflies Could Talk...
This Would Be Their Story
Damselfly: That maniac damselfly may think this is its territory, but this is MY territory, it's BEEN my territory for five days, and it always WILL be my territory. 
Damselfly: That was my territory six days ago, and I will regain it or die trying. There is no greater cause than the pursuit of JUSTICE -- and that is my war for the rotting stump. 
Damselfly: Its constant, unprovoked attacks on me are morally egregious! I think it's not even damselfly! It's some kind of sub-damselfly creature!
Damselfly: I must make it know that I will NEVER give up! Any sign of weakness will give it encouragement that it will keep the territory! 
Damselfly: I must defend myself from its unjustified assaults with great force! My connection to this rotting stump is deep and spiritual. 
Damselfly: O, rounded rock! O, cluster of four marsh weeds! How my thorax aches for you! There will be no peace until I perch on the stump again!
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Can there be peace in the mid-east region of the forest, by the creek and west of the two great birch trees? 
Bird: The socio-political morality of my use of violence is self-evident! That acre and a half of woodland is mine!
Oct 18, 2013
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