Sep 27, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Presidential REVISIONIST Comics
March 2003
Still Only $87 Billion
Be prepared for a long, hard fight!
Baghdad, Sept. 11, 2001
Saddam: Although there is no evidence I'm involved in this, I am an urgent, though not imminent threat to the U.S.
Baghdad Times
George W. Bush: My fellow Americans, here's the plan: We occupy Iraq so that terrorists are diverted there to attack our troops!
Voice #1: YES!
Voice #2: TO WAR!
Saddam: I think I'll stand here and imagine a nuclear weapons program, which I might start!
George W. Bush: We'll need you soon, U.N.! Oh, there's something on your chin. There, I got it. 
Soldier: Most Iraqis are cheering us as liberators!
Soldier #2: We'll be out of here in a few short years or decades!
this specific ship's MISSION has been ACCOMPLISHED
George W. Bush: My thanks to the sailors who hoisted this sign up, but remember, it will be a long, hard fight! 
to be continued...
Oct 4, 2013
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