Sep 12, 2013
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The Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip. by Ruben Bolling
There circles the sun another Earth, a Counter-Earth, whose diametrically opposed orbit keeps it forever beyond our detection. 
Let us explore this strange world that is not quite the opposite of our own...BUT SOMEWHAT DISSIMILAR IN CERTAIN WAYS! 
On Counter-Earth, 18-20 year-olds are full adults, with all the rights of a citizen. After all, they can vote and serve in the military -- and can be drafted! 
However, 48-50 year-olds are singled out as a group from whom rights can be taken for any or no reason!
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It's illegal for 48-50 year-olds to drink alcohol or enter a bar. 
Woman: You can't deny that this law saves lives!
Man: I'll have a Shirley Temple. 
N.C.A.A. rules prohibit 48-50 year-old coaches from being paid a salary -- or anything at all. Everyone must pretend they are "volunteers."
Man: Sorry, Coach. I can't give you a ride home -- it would be considered compensation. 
In fact, it's market practice to not pay 48-50 year-olds at any job, calling work performed at his age an "internship."
Woman: What are you complaining about? You're getting great experience! 
The only consolation for the age group? THEIR taste dictates the entire nation's popular culture. 
Woman: No, we only sell sensible, loose-fitting, high-waist jeans. 
Man: ARGH! This Sting song again?!! 
They call this music?!
Sep 19, 2013
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