Aug 9, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
god-man's pal billy billings
this week
"following the word of god-man!"
billy: ...and that's how you import a cd into itunes.
god-man: hmm... okay. I'm going to my god-hideout to do my whole cd collection.
billy: any words for while you're gone?
god-man: oh, you know what i always say, billy: everyone should be kind to one another!
billy: check.
god-man: that took longer than i thought. what's going on here -- some kind of war...? this is where billy's apartment used to be! what the...? billy's great-grandson! what are you doing?! i said everyone should be kind!
billy 2: i know, but this is one of the heretics who say the sacred kindness ritual should be held on tuesdays!
man: die, tuesdist!
the end
Aug 16, 2013
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