Jul 18, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Chagrin Falls
"An Immigrant's Story"
Mother: Kids, as you know, it's been tough with your dad out of work. 
Father: Yes, I've decided to travel to where the jobs are. I'll send money home. 
Son: 'Kay. 
Day 1. 
Father: Guess I'm not the only one...
Day 2. 
Father: So, did you hear Twinkies are back? 
Day 3. Mexico. 
Father: I'm picking up some wifi. You know the password? 
Man: Quiet! Here comes someone!
Man: Hola, muchachos. We need a structured finance banker, a telecommunications consultant, and a Vice President of Strategic Initiatives. 
Man #2: Here! 
Man #3: Here!
Man #4: Me! 
Man: Get in! Rapido! You, you're new. What do you do, amigo? 
Father: Ah, I'm something of a theoretical physicist. 
Man: Si? Bosonic string theory or M-theory? 
Father: Oh, you know, I've dabbled in both. 
Man: Hm...I may have something. Where did you get your Ph.D.? 
Father: Um, I've surveyed courses at Chagrin Falls Community College, but I don't have a Ph.D., per se, not in the strictest definition of the term. 
Mother: It's a text from your dad! 
"Still looking. Send money, ketchup, and pls renew my NFL Online Pass."
Looks like I'm adding another shift at my job. 
Son: 'Kay. 
The End
Jul 25, 2013
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