Jul 11, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug's Super-Fun-Pak Comix
Edited by Ruben Bolling
Building Rooftop That Looks Vaguely Like A Face
Building: My sentience is imagined by the man who lives across the street.
Building: Yet without his imagination, I'd have no sentience at all. 
Secret-Identity Man
Woman: Pete, aliens are attacking! 
Pete: This isn't a job for Pete Rangel! 
Pete: ...nor is it a job for Jack Hansen! 
Hillbilly Billy, Of The Hills
Man: This is still a comic strip> Your stereotype has been an irrelevant anachronism for decades! 
Hillbilly Billy: I guess you haven't been reading...I now cook meth and enter toddlers in beauty pageants. 
A Voice From Another Dimension
Dot: I move along this line, for what else could there be? 
Dot: Much more than you could fathom. 
Dot #2: Huh? Who said that? 
Dot: I speak to you from another plane. 
Dot #2: I must be imagining things...
The Ghost of James Caan & Phil Collins, P.I.s
Woman: My sister has gone missing. 
Woman: But I don't want to hire a rock superstar and the ghost of a living celebrity as detectives. 
Ghost of James Caan: Well, at least someday I'LL be the ghost of a DEAD celebrity. 
Percival Dunwoody, Idiot Time Traveler From 1909
Percival: Adolf Hitler, I have time-traveled to kill you! 
Percival: Stop! I am YOU, from the future!
Percival: What's this? 
Percival: I must stop you to prevent a greater tragedy!
Percival: URK! 
Percival: NO! I'm from the further future! Hitler must DIE! 
Percival: NO!
Adolf: This happens every day! How can I get any work done? 
Percival: DIE! 
Percival: NO!
Jul 18, 2013
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