Jun 7, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
"flowers for trinitron"
may 16. in the middle of n/y/p/d/ blue, cable goes out. there is bad reseption where i live, so i go to bed early.
may 17. cable still out. woke up better rested than usual. great day at work, then met a friend and then brought home some magazines.
may 18. cable still out. i feel great, though.. i went jogging after work and then went to the library to get some books. began reading.
may 19. after dinner with some friends i hadn't seen in a while, i finished reading east of eden. i spent the rest of the evening contemplating humanity's inherent nature. cable still out.
may 20. i began volunteering at a homeless shelter. i met another volunteer there, jill, who seems very nice. cable still out.
may 21. i'm sending out resumes in an attempt to escape my current dreary employment. i finished chapter 3 of the novel i've started writing, and my first date with jill was delightful. cable still out.
may 22. i feel as though a fog has been lifted and i'm living for the first time! i never realized that television was such an insidiously stifling presence
man: demon box! thief of time! i forsake you! farewell forever, purveyor of inanity!
tv: fzzz... ...i'd like to buy a vowel, pat.
may 23. big day! on home improovment, al almost took a job in annother city, but then he didn't.
Jun 14, 2013
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