Apr 11, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
"First they came to register..."
Man: I've heard tell that private citizens were once allowed to own them. 
Man: How did we Americans lose that precious right of ownership?
Man #2: I know not. Let us ask the very old one. Perhaps he remembers. 
Man #2: Very old one, how did it happen? How did the government...
Old Man: Shhh! There are government ears everywhere! 
Old Man: Long ago, we were happy and free. Responsible owners made sure they were stored and used properly. 
Old Man: Then, the government said we'd have to register each and every one of them. 
Old Man: It seemed reasonable. They are dangerous things. But I knew what the government REALLY wanted. 
Old Man: I and others fought it with all our strength. But the feds needed this foothold and would not be denied. 
Old Man: We lost. And the government had taken the first step on its inexorable path. 
Old Man: Soon after the registration requirement, sure enough, suddenly you need a license to use one. 
Old Man: Next you were prohibited from owning one without holding insurance! Then came the final step that brought us to today...
Old Man: The illegalization of car ownership!
Man: The fools! Reasonable regulation of dangerous instruments always leads to tyranny!
Apr 18, 2013
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