Mar 8, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Noble History of the Free Speech Zone
Third In A Series of Instructional Comics On Our Bill of Rights
Philadelphia 1789
Man #1: ...and among the freedoms I list in this "BILL OF RIGHTS" is the right to FREEDOM OF SPEECH. 
Man #1: Hear, hear! But surely one cannot speak FREELY wherever one WANTS!
Man #1: Gracious, NO! CONTROVERSIAL speech must be confined to small, fenced-in areas, ringed by barbed wire in unpopulated locations. 
Man #2: Of course!
Man #3: Obviously! 
Man: I move that we include that restriction in the text of the First Amendment!
Man #1: NO NEED. Our descendants will certainly know that it is IMPLIED in the text. 
Man #2: I disagree!
Man #1: And it is your American right, nay DUTY, to express such dissent! Gentlemen! 
Man #2: Hey! 
Man: I was saying...limitations on the right to free speech should be...
The free speech zone has become a cherished cornerstone in the American tradition of protest for change. 
Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream!
The End
Wonderful new FREE RELIGION ZONES are created, where non-Christian Americans can worship, live and work! Please report to designated train stations for free transportation.
Mar 15, 2013
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