Feb 15, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
billy dare
boy adventurer with quentin
-smugglers' cape-
ch. mvxli: our titular hero in action!
billy and quentin have snuck onto dr. mordu's deadly aerostriker!
oop: come on, quentin...
billy: the ship is almost over the city! there's no time to lose!
guard: uk...
billy: there sure are a lot of henchmen on this thing! here it is!
bomb room
guard: please tell my wife...
billy: this hand grenade should thwart mordu's plan! oh, you're stepping out?
emergency parachute
billy: mind if i join you?
guard: augh!
billy: here's a present! we did it, quentin! and we're landing in a park!
ma'am this is a family comic strip. would you mind taking that off-panel?
woman: okay.
billy: more of mordu's men!
madam! please!
woman: let me just get my things together!
oop: kill! aaah!
blam blam
billy: die!
Feb 22, 2013
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