Feb 7, 2013
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super-fun-pak comix
phil collins
phil: hi, i have a reservation. my name is phil collins.
concierge: oh, i thought you'd be rock superstar phil collins!
phil: ha, ha. no.
phil: worked like a charm.
funny atoms
man: my nephew started a new diet! he'll only eat raw food! what was that?! it sounded like a punchline -- coming from near your shoulder!
woman: get me an electron microscope and a nanaparticle microphone!
godwin's law through history
nazi 1: ...i'm just saying. every time we disagree, you make an analogy to nazism! that's a sure sign you're desperate and losing the argument!
nazi 2: dummkopf! we are nazis!!
slappy & gonko & cat-atomic & bluggo the pink narwhal & mannix's lapel & amanda the sassy disney channel teen & zintazrsi & bluggo's daughter who is a lefty & max a. million & hi & the vague feeling that what you ordered won't be enough to eat & homeboyz & diggity dogg the dog who likes falaafel & mr. doctor, jr. & muggi
someone: there's not enough room for all of us!
someone 2: this is why comics have two title characters, tops!
percival dunwoody, idiot time traveler from 1909
percival: now to save the titanic!
guy: shall we warn the captain about icebergs?
percival: no need. i've travelled us all to safety -- in 1937, lakehurst, n.j.!
guy: no!
marcus traille, international woodlands detective
marcus: great scott! a dead body! this squirrel's been murdered! nobody leave this forest! i'll want to question all of you! i'll need a list of every competitive organism in its ecological niche! what's this? one of the maggots on the carcass -- dead! there is a killer on the loose, and he... or she... is playing me for a fool!
next - the murdered maggot's last will and testament revealed!!
Feb 14, 2013
Small u 201701251612

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