Jan 17, 2013
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the filmmakers of "zero dark thirty" have taken much criticism for the movie's thesis that the torture of detainees helped the c.i.a. find osama bin laden. even though this premise is false, the criticism is unfair. fictionalized scenes inaccurately showing torture as an effective means of obtaining information is a timeless hollywood tradition - in fat, four other oscar-nominated films used this popular plot device this year!
zero dark thirty
lincoln: jefferson davis, admit that slavery is immoral! admit it!!
jeff: you win... it is wrong.
lincoln: now strap in some democrats. we've got an amendment to pass!
argo guy: okay, you hollywood hack! what's the name of a fake movie we can use as a cover to rescue americans in iran?
hack: urg.... argo....
argo guy: good. now write up a phony ending for that rescue that will be a real nail-biter!
life of pi
pi: is there a god? is all religion a metaphorical narratve interpretation of reality? talk, you flea-bitten varmint!
les miserables
les mis girl: oh, jean valjean, from whence came my flowing locks? tell me of my mother, or i'll stuff you in a box!
Jan 24, 2013
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