Oct 11, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
President Mitt's Sesame Street
Mitt: Just look at this place! Disgraceful! 
Big Bird: President Mitt, we're just trying hard to help educate children. Many families can't afford preschool! 
Aa Bb C
Gg Hh I
Nn O
Mitt: That's great, but America's in fiscal crisis! We can't afford the $100 to keep you around anymore!
Elmo: Shucks! Elmo suppose if it's a crisis...
Grover: Hey, who's moving in? 
Mitt: My friend, Mr. Moneybags.
Mr. Moneybags: Hi!
Mr. Moneybags: Yes, I'm building my third mansion here because President Mitt cut my taxes by $1,000,000!
Elmo: But President Mitt, Elmo thought we were in a fiscal crisis!
Mitt: Ha-ha! We are! I'm paying for that tax cut by closing loopholes!
Count: Vait a minute! I did the math, and loopholes can't pay for those tax cuts vithout raising the tax burden on the middle class!
Mitt: Ha-ha! Silly fact-checkers!
Count: OOF! 
Mr. Moneybags: Hey, my company just got a $500,000 military contract, and I'm adding a guest mansion! 
Fairy: and...
Mitt: Now, this is the way Sesame Street ought to be!
Cookie Monster: Spare a cookie? 
The End
Oct 18, 2012
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