Sep 20, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
The Omnipotent Superhero! 
The Movie!
God-Man: Hi, I'm God-Man...uh...and I stink! Heh-heh. 
Woman: Uh, God-Man. Why are you so, like, lame-o? 
God-Man: Heh-heh. Because I suck. Heh-heh. 
God-Man Fan Club
Boy #1: Guys! Check this out! 
God-Man: Look at me! I'm a doofus! 
Boy #2:'s horrible!
Boy #3: Something must be done about this!
Boy #1: Let's spread the word across all of God-Man fandom! 
And, so - 
Yo, It's Groovy News
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Groovy News
God-Man, The Movie
With its sub-basement production values, and execrable acting, it's hard to see why 
most powerful superhero got the sloppiest cinematic treatment. This makes Affleck's Daredevil look like Citizen Kane.
Man #1: God-Man is in dire need of our help! 
Man #2: RIOT!
Man #3: Murder in the name of God-Man! 
Man #1: Where IS God-Man?!
Man #2: I must concentrate on informing God-Man of this grave insult! 
A few miles away, God-Man is saving children from a broken bridge when his omniscience power receives a mental message - 
Voice: God-Man! Several jerks made a bad video insulting y...
God-Man: I'M BUSY!
Sep 27, 2012
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