Aug 31, 2012
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tom the dancing bug
by ruben bolling
wall street journal comix
presents lucky ducky
ducky: gotcha!
hound: did you hear that lucky ducky died? he was poor, so he paid a low tax rate you and i could only dream of!
oop: lucky!
friend: say, isn't that lucky ducky going into that low-income housing project?
hound: lucky ducky! th-that's impossible! i must be seeing things! if he died, how can he continue his lucky streak?!
hound: what th...? lucky ducky... in jail? ...and eating a square meal on my dime? huh? lucky ducky taking lucky duckette to a state-funded abortion clinic?! how can he be... if he's...! huh? i think i'm going crazy! now lucky ducky is handicapped?! ...and getting expensive public transportation services! lucky ducky everywhere! getting every advantage! i've got to find out! how does he get away with it? augh!
ducky: gotcha!
Sep 7, 2012
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