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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Aug 23, 2012
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Woman: Oh. My. God. 
Woman #2: What?! Is Marci using your printer again? 
Woman: No, it's just that this summer went by so fast!
Woman #2: Uhh! Tell me about it! 
Woman: When we were kids, a summer lasted forever! I'd go through three best friends a summer. 
Woman #2: Now there's barely time to schedule a bar-b-que. 
Woman: Everyone knows it's true. And scientists predicted it. 
Man: What do you mean they predicted it? 
Woman: It's all environmental! The greenhouse effect!
Man: That's why summers are getting HOTTER! They only FEEL shorter!
Woman #1: They "feel" hotter, too! What's your point? 
Woman #2: Big business and politicians are all: "It's all in your imagination."
Woman #1: This summer didn't feel too short to you, Rick? 
Rick: But what's that got to do with carbon dioxide? 
Woman #1: Come on! It was on "Action News" last night!
Woman #2: I saw that! From Memorial Day to Labor Day, it's the shortest summer on record!
Rick: What...?
Woman #1: Well, what do you want? He's management. Another corporate apologist. 
Woman #2: Oh my god! It's already noon! This is crazy!
Aug 30, 2012
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