Mar 2, 2012
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the lorax
once-ler: how did things get so bad, once-ler?
max: well, long, long ago... 
while chopping truffula trees, i heard a ga-zump! and a strange orange man emerged from a stump!
"you're overconsuming, your greed's a disease. my name is the lorax, and i speak for the trees!"
"adorable! an environmentalist," i shouted with glee.
"how much must i pay you, so you'll speak for me?"
i threw him some coins, he looked down at the money, his mustache twitched, he said, "listen here, sonny..."
"that's plenty, i'm yours, i'll sell stuff by the slew-ful. i'll even make up a truffula seal of approval!
"i speak for the trees, but also pancakes and mazda suvs! and for tvs, printers, diapers! fantastic! and yogurt in cups that are small and plastic!"
well, he saw what he'd done, and he flew, full of sighs and great groans, leaving only a word, unless, in a pile of stones.
kid: he won't return unless our environmental policy is fair and is equal?
once-ler: no...
lorax: i won't do more endorsements unless there's a sequel!
Mar 16, 2012
Small u 201701251612

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