Feb 10, 2012
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the superhero with omnipotent powers!
this week: "the seeds of discontent!"
god-man: a cry for help from those who cannot cry for help!
as god-man speeds towards earth...
god-man: initiate miniaturization!
on what strange land-scape has god-man found himself?
god-man: an innocent in jeopardy... no... millions! great scott! they're trapped! they'll die if they're not freed! there you go, little ones! be free!
then does god-man proceed to other battles!
god-man: i.u.d.? i.u. don't!
god-man: spermicide, stand aside!
when all the battles are won-
farmer: god-man! help, we're hungry!
god-man: ha-ha! no, i've got to rush back to the god-hideout... ...for a long shower! i cannot believe what i had to swim in today! being omni-present can be disgusting!
the end
next: "pill peril!"
Feb 24, 2012
Small u 201701251612

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