Nov 4, 2011
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Hollingsworth Hound in Zero-Sum Gaming
Butler: Message for Mr. Hound: "Your TAXES have been RAISED!" 
Hound: The PATRIOTIC thing to do would have been to fire more teachers! 
Hound; Well, I'm RESIGNING as C.E.O. of HoundCo! It's just not worth my EFFORT now! 
Hound: And now America will see what happens when you OVER-TAX the JOB CREATORS! 
Hound: HoundCo employs 30,000 people! Now they'll all be UNEMPLOYED! 
Stillson: I'll do it. 
Hound: Huh? Stillson? 
Stillson: I'll take the C.E.O. job. In fact, I have new ideas...
Hound: They won't work as well as MY policies! So the company will have fewer employees! 
Man #1: If HoundCo does worse, MY company does BETTER! So I'll hire more! 
Man #2: Hello? Human resources? 
Man #3: Ah, but wait...
Man #3: I've SEEN your ideas, Stillson, and I LIKE 'em! I'm buying HoundCo stock! 
Stillson: Maybe we should hire...
Stillson: I'll be paid less than Hollingsworth, so we can afford that plant...
Hound: HOLD IT!!
Hound: I've decided the patriotic thing to do is to soldier on, despite the injustice! 
The End
Hound: Ah, I'll just make up the difference with another off-shore entity! 
Butler: You love America veddy much, sir.
Nov 18, 2011
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