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  1. rhbrandon

    rhbrandon said, over 5 years ago

    Yep, and we’re all just red shirts ready to be eaten by some space creature called “Wall Street” in the Star Trek episode entitled “the United States of America.”

  2. 3hourtour

    3hourtour GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    ..just because you have a son on one side doesn’t mean that you can’t be fair and balanced…

  3. itisme

    itisme GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    says 3hourtour, it doesn’t mean you CAN be fair and balanced either.
    It’s a clear conflict of interest and we as a people used to know that. Sadly, Americans are becoming more and more unethical as the days go by.

  4. meetinthemiddle

    meetinthemiddle said, over 5 years ago

    And just because your household is taking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lobbying money doesn’t mean you can’t be fair and balanced? :)

  5. mercmarc

    mercmarc said, over 5 years ago

    I dont understand. Does Judge Scalia actually have superpowers? Does he not howl in pain with his testicles connected to a car battery?

  6. beenthere240

    beenthere240 said, over 5 years ago

    Judge Scalia can CHARGE a car battery by connecting it to his testicles. Get your facts straight.

  7. kylegann

    kylegann said, over 5 years ago

    Rerun? Or deja vu? I look forward to this every Friday morning.

  8. exkiodexian

    exkiodexian said, over 5 years ago

    Hmmm. Since jimjammer is too ignorant to see this is a commentary about the Supreme Court, I think he must be a conservative. Yep – he is. Conservarties and ignorance, like peanut butter and jelly.

  9. hmofo813

    hmofo813 GoComics PRO Member said, over 5 years ago

    To try to pretend that those aren’t conflicts of interest, one would have to be wedded to partisanship to the exclusion of all rational thought.

  10. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, over 5 years ago

    And we taxpayers will have to pay to replace the window that Judge Scalia just crashed through

  11. icky mung-mung

    icky mung-mung said, over 5 years ago

    Justice Scalia has renewed my faith in unfettered, aggressive venality. Justice Thomas has lowered his haunches on my renewed faith and incubated it to a volcanic temperature—beware what comes out of that egg! Beware!

  12. BrianCrook

    BrianCrook said, over 5 years ago

    Seeing the ethics lapses of Justices Scalia & Thomas dismays me. Although I disagree with almost all their decisions, I considered them intelligent, thoughtful men. Now, they show themselves as owned by their own special interests.
    Re-elect President Obama and encourage the retirements of Scalia & Justice Kennedy, to name just two. Perhaps the country would get really lucky, and Thomas, Chief Justice Roberts, and Justice Alito would find more lucrative work. Where is the private sector when we really need it??

  13. vhammon

    vhammon said, over 5 years ago

    I recently read Heller’s biography of Ayn Rand, because I kept seeing that Republican’s in Congress were insisting that all their staff members read her work, and it’s been years since I read her books. A small piece of her philosophy is the idea that for great men, who are rational and self-interested (in her carefully defined good selfishness way), “conflict of interest” is an impossibility. Her thinking has had an enormous influence on conservative and Republican thinkers.

    Anyone who idolized Rand and subscribes to her philosophy as if it’s a religion needs to read this book. She was clearly brilliant in the realm of logical argument. However, her fundamental premise that humans are always rational, is so flawed, it’s difficult to see how so many have bought into the elaborate edifice she created on this premise.

    She was also clearly lacking in emotional and social intelligence, which is likely why she deemed these realms of human behavior inferior. She was pathologically narcissistic, and unable to perceive the emotions of even those she loved. She carried on an affair with a protege 20 yrs her junior for over 14 years, and couldn’t understand that this might take an emotional toll on both their spouses. She insisted that they make love in her marital bed, booting her husband out of the house for their liaison’s, so that her acolytes would not know. Hardly a life of integrity. When her lover took a lover, he couldn’t tell her the truth, and made up a lie about being impotent. She couldn’t see wgat was going on even when it was right in front of her, and they gnawed away for 100s of hours on the lie and peripheral issues.

    Yet this woman’s writing has been enormously influencial on the right.

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