Mar 4, 2011
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The Tom the Dancing Bug Comic Strip. 
There circles the sun another Earth, a Counter-Earth, whose diametrically opposed orbit keeps it forever beyond our detection. 
Let us explore this strange world that is not quite the opposite of our own...BUT SOMEWHAT DISSIMILAR IN CERTAIN WAYS!
By Ruben Bolling
On Counter-Earth, the U.S. Dept. of Education is all about National Defense! 
Man: Give our schools money, or there'll be hell to pay! 
The nation's toughest patriots are given carte blanche for their critical mission. 
Man: These education budget numbers are untouchable. 
They ensure our economic competitiveness, and therefore our security! 
Teachers are revered as brave and selfless protectors of our way of life. 
Man: Why aren't you saluting? 
Woman: Do you hate America? 
Educators are entrusted with America's greatest asset: it's true meritocracy. 
Man: Each of these poor kids could be in the army of our economic engine, and any of them could lead it. 
And no amount of money is too much to keep the Dept. of Education at the forefront of technology. Or would you rather be issued devices by Chinese overlords? 
Man: Yes, every single kid gets one! 
Meanwhile, the military, filled with weak and fearful nervous nellies, must scrounge for funding. 
Man #1: There's a guy who says his group wants to harm us! 
Woman: We need weapons! 
Man #2: I'm scared! Hold me!!
Mar 18, 2011
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