Nov 19, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Man: As you know, somebody stole peanut butter from my jar in the break room's fridge. 
Man: I've installed this lock on the fridge door...
But I also know the culprit used this knife to spread it!
Man: Therefore, I have installed a metal detector at the door, and no type of knife will be allowed in. 
One week later - 
Man: Okay, people. Somebody kicked the lock off the door and took the whole jar of peanut butter. 
Man: Therefore, you must now remove your shoes before entering the break room. 
One week later - 
Man: All right. Somebody apparently left this room with my jar of mixed berry jelly stuffed in his pocket!
Man: Therefore, I have installed...
Man #2: Uh, Boss? Can I ask a question? 
Man: Isn't there a better approach to stopping these thefts than simply reacting very specifically to the LAST incident? 
Transportation Security Administration
Man: Wilkens, that's the way we DO things here at TSA, and you know it! 
Man: So! Everyone entering or leaving the break room will now expose their groin area to this radioactive pat-down device. 
Man #2: Seems reasonable.
Dec 3, 2010
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