Oct 22, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Man: Would you mind moving your bag? 
Man #2: Oh, sure!
Man: Don't panic! He's probably not a terrorist! 
Man: Millions of peaceful Muslims fly all the time!
Man: Still, I'm going to watch him! One suspicious move, and I'll be all over him! 
Man: I'll wrestle him to the ground and save the whole plane!
Man: Plus, of course he takes the armrest. Typical!
Man: Oh...what am I thinking? I'm not a bigot. I've got to relax. 
Man: I'll bet he's a nice guy. 
Man: Maybe I'm being racist by not talking to him. 
Man: But I NEVER talk to my seatmates. 
Man: Still, it might make him comfortable if I make small talk. 
Man: So. Are you flying to Detroit one-way, or are you returning? 
Man: Shame on you!
Woman: Racist!
Man #2: ONE-WAY? What are you implying? 
Man #3: It's a fair question!
Woman #2: He's reaching up his sleeve!
Fox News Offers Local Man $3 Million Contract
Hero of the Right Not Afraid to Speak His Mind
Nov 5, 2010
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